Frequently Asked Questions

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Relating to the types of plan & eligibility

You may purchase Chubb Group Travel Insurance on when you are making your flight/s booking/s.

You must be traveling from the Philippines and aged 75 years old and below.

Yes, both of you will need to purchase an "Individual" travel insurance policy.

No, you are unable to as travel insurance has to be activated before your departure from the Philippines on your Cathay Pacific or Dragonair Flight.

Yes, you are able to purchase a one-way plan. However, the cover will cease once you arrive at your new country of residence or employment.

To be eligible for cover, you must be at least two (2) weeks old but not more than seventy-five years (75) old at the time of purchase.

Relating to medical cover

A medical examination is not required, however, do note that any pre-existing medical condition is not covered.

A "pre-existing condition" means condition for which you have been diagnosed, received medical advice, consultation, treatment or prescribed drugs by currently a licensed Physician or surgeon within a twelve (12)-month period prior to the start of coverage as stated in the Confirmation of Cover.

No, Chubb does not have this option.

No, this policy does not cover any pregnancy-related issues.

Yes, dental treatment is covered so long it is a result of an accidental injury. Dentures are not covered.

Relating to baggage cover

No, the amount of baggage cover cannot be increased.

No, Chubb does not cover any hired or leased equipment. The item must belong to the Insured Person and be carried on this person or be checked in luggage. For certain items such as watches and laptops, it must be carried with him when he is boarding and alighting from his flights. Please refer to "Personal Property and Baggage" for items covered under the policy.

Yes, Personal Property includes purchases made overseas. Please refer to Personal Baggage, Property Not Covered in the policy wording.

This plan will pay USD 200 per 6 hours of delay (max of 48 hours).

No, it would not as unaccompanied baggage is not covered.

Relating to trip cancellation

Yes, if the event occurs within fourteen (14) days before the Scheduled Departure Date and such claim are accompanied with travel advice from the relevant authority/ authorities.

"Specified Cause" means

  1. death, Injury or Sickness or compulsory quarantine of the Insured or Immediate Family Member;
  2. unexpected outbreak of Strike, riot, or civil commotion at the scheduled destination arising out of circumstances beyond the control of the Insured;
  3. receipt of witness summons or jury service; or
  4. serious damage to the Insured’s residence from fire, flood or similar natural disaster (typhoon, earthquake, etc.), which requires the presence of the Insured on the premises on the Scheduled Departure Date.

Whereby, for paragraphs i. to iii., the events mentioned must occur within thirty (30) days before the Scheduled Departure Date, and for paragraph iv., the event must occur within seven (7) days before the Scheduled Departure Date.

This coverage is effective only if the individual insurance is purchased before the Insured becomes aware of any circumstances which could lead to the disruption of the Insured’s Trip.

The above FAQ should be read and construed in light of, and subject to, all terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the Group Policy.

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