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Relating to the types of plan & eligibility

You may purchase Chubb Premier Travel Cover on when you are making your flight/s booking/s.

Our travel insurance can be purchased by passengers from the age of 1 day and above. In the event that the passenger is below 18 years old, his/her parent(s) must enter into this contract of insurance on behalf of the passenger.

Yes, both of you will need to purchase an "Individual" travel insurance policy. However, if either of you is travelling along with your child(ren) you can choose to buy a "Family" plan under "Single Trip".

No, you are unable to as travel insurance has to be activated before your departure from Singapore.

Yes, you are able to purchase a one-way policy. However, you will be charged premium equivalent to a 4-day trip, and the cover will three (3) hours after arrival of the scheduled flight at the destination.

For "Individual" Plan:

The Insured must be a Singapore Resident, of at least 18 years of age at the time of application of the insurance.

Singapore Resident means a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident or Valid Work Permit Holder or Valid Employment Pass Holder or Valid Dependant Pass Holder or Valid Long-Term Social Visit Pass Holder or Valid Student Pass Holder on the Effective Date.

For "Family" Plan:

Single Trip - a maximum of 2 adults traveling with any number of children. The adults need not to be related but the child(ren) must be related to either one of the adults.

Annual Multi-Trip Policy – You and Your Partner and Your child(ren). Your child(ren) who are below 12 years old must be accompanied by You or Your Partner for any Journey made during the Period of Insurance.

Child(ren) includes step child(ren) and/or legally adopted child(ren) who is/are Singapore resident, at least 1 day of age up to 18 years old or up to 23 years old if they are full-time students and primarily dependent on You for maintenance and support.

Relating to medical cover

A medical examination is not required. However, do note that any pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered.

A "pre-existing condition" means any medical condition which You received medical treatment, diagnosis, consultation or prescribed drugs or which symptoms or manifestations have existed whether treatment was actually received, or medical advice or treatment was recommended by a Doctor, or You should reasonably aware of within a 12 months preceding the commencement of a Journey.

No, Chubb does not have this option.

No, this policy does not cover any pregnancy-related issues other than accidental miscarriage.

Yes, dental treatment is covered so long it is a result of an accidental injury. Dentures are not covered.

No. You have to seek medical treatment overseas before you can claim for follow-up medical treatment after your return to Singapore. Follow-up medical treatment in Singapore must be sought within 31 days upon your return to Singapore.

Relating to baggage cover

Yes, You have to report the damage immediately on discovery and submit proof of compensation from the airline or service provider or proof of denial - where such compensation has been denied. This Policy will only reimburse for the amount that is not recoverable from the airline or service provider concerned.

No, the amount of baggage cover cannot be increased.

No, this Policy does not cover hired or leased equipment. The item must belong to You and be carried on You or checked in with the airline or service provider in Your name. For certain items such as watch(es) and laptop(s), they must be carried with You or kept under Your supervision.

Yes, Personal Property includes purchases made overseas. Please refer to Personal Baggage, Property Not Covered in the policy wording.

This Policy will pay $200 for every six full consecutive hours of delay, up to the maximum benefit amount specified in your Certificate of Insurance.

No, as this Policy only covers baggage that is checked in and tagged under your name by the airline or service provider.

Up to $500 for any one article or a pair or a set of of articles. The limit for Portable Computers eg. laptop is up to $1,000.

Relating to sports and sporting equipment

Yes, Personal Property includes sport equipment that is checked in and tagged under your name by the airline or service including new sport equipment that is purchased during the trip. In addition, this Policy also extends to cover golf equipment.

This policy excludes certain activities such as extreme sports, including triathlons and ultra- marathons. Please refer to General Exclusions for the exclusions list.

Relating to trip cancellation

This Policy excludes any claims relating to any government prohibition, regulation or intervention.

Yes, if the event occurs within seven (7) days before the Scheduled Departure Date and such claim are accompanied with travel advice from the relevant authority/ authorities.

Yes, you will be covered under Trip Cancellation if the cancellation is a direct result of any Specified Cause and the policy is purchased before You become aware of any circumstances which could lead to the disruption of your trip.

"Specified Cause" means

  1. You dying or becoming ill or sustaining Accidental Injury rendering You unfit to travel in the opinion of a Doctor;
  2. the death, of Your Family Member or Travel Companion, or Accidental Injury or Sickness of such person which the Doctor certified as being life-threatening and which resulted in You cancelling Your trip;
  3. compulsory quarantine, subpoena or hijack of You or Travel Companion;
  4. cancellation of scheduled Public Conveyance services consequent upon Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion;
  5. Your residence in Singapore becoming uninhabitable following fire, storm, or flood occurring such that Your presence is required on the premises on the Scheduled Departure Date;
  6. due to Natural Disasters which prevent You from commencing or continuing with the Journey.

where, for paragraphs (i) to (iv), the events mentioned occur within thirty (30) days before the Scheduled Departure Date, for paragraph (v), the event occurs within seven (7) days before the Scheduled Departure Date and for paragraph (vi) the event occurs within seven (7) days before the Scheduled Departure Date and must be accompanied with travel advice from relevant authority (authorities).


No. This Policy does not impose any excess.

For One Way Journey – Coverage shall start 3 hours before departure of Scheduled Flight.

For Return Journey – Coverage shall start from the time You leave Your home or usual place of employment in Singapore to commence the trip.

Yes. This policy is extended to cover your losses as a result of acts of terrorism.

The above FAQ must be read with the Policy Wording that contains the full terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance.

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