Who Is Covered?

You must be a Singapore resident in Singapore at the time you apply for this insurance.

Single Trip

  • Just Me / Group: Cover at least 1 insured person to a maximum of 9 insured person, aged 12 years old and above.
  • Me and My Family: A maximum of 2 adults who need not be related and any number of Child(ren). The Child(ren) must be accompanied by at least 1 of the insured adult.
  • Child(ren): At least 1 day old to 11.99 years old.

Annual Multi-Trip

  • Me and My Family: Main insured person, his/her Partner and their Children.

What are the eligibility age

  • Adult: 12 years old and above to 150 years old.
  • Child(ren): 1 day old to 11.99 years old.

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